Comcast -  2012

Hello, my name is Chris Estrada and I work for Comcast Spotlight. We are the advertising sales division of Comcast in Monmouth and Ocean County. We work with local businesses in creating local TV and Digital advertising that helps to grow their business and I recently had the opportunity to work with one of your peers, Joey Ristaino.

He played the Father/Husband role in what will be a local TV commercial for Care Temp Heating & Cooling. The client, the producer, and I were very happy and pleasantly surprised at how professional, helpful, and engaging Joey was. It made for a relaxing and fun mood around the commercial shoot and definitely has made quite the impression on the client who may ultimately end up using Joey in future commercials as their business grows in addition to their relationship with Comcast Spotlight.

I thought that it would be nice that Joey receives some recognition for the all around great job that he did for the client and also bringing some recognition to Cinematique Film Classes. If you truly have a passion and excitement for something you enjoy, you never know when it will allow for an opportunity to make an impression. Joey certainly has done that this past week.

Keep up the good work and good luck to all of the students! Have a great day!!

Chris Estrada


Currently a student enrolled in Tisch Summer High School Drama Program @ NYU, it has become evident that the training I've received from Deb Schwartz has been invaluable to my achievements.  Deb teaches in a way that is honest and aimed toward improving the actor. She is one of the few teachers who provide students with education about legendary acting teachers like Stanislavsky, Strasberg, Meisner, Adler, and Uta Hagen. Deb's dedication to her profession is unwavering and her passion as an educator is inspirational not only to me, but also fellow actors at Cinematique Film School.
Jack Hanson, Senior at M.A.S.T. High School

spent a year learning acting and directing under Deb Schwartz, and I am grateful to have had such an inspiring,
passionate,and knowledgeable teacher.  She truly cares about her students and their creative aspirations, and
her approach to acting is one that is personal and beneficial to students of all levels.  I am lucky to have had her,
and I highly recommend any class she teaches. 

Caitlin Ouano

Skylar Simone/July 2014 Audition Workshop
I loved the class.  It taught me so much on how to audition and what to do.  There is so much you need to know before you audition and with taking these classes I feel very confident when I will go to professional auditions.  I would love to take this class in the future again because it helped me so much.

Amanda Hands/July 2014 Audition Workshop
This class was very helpful.  I like gaining the experience of being in front of the camera.  I like going over our head shots.

Sonny Chatrath/July 2014 Audition Workshop

I really enjoyed this class.  I learned some very important details about the audition process which I would have otherwise not known.  Actors need guidance when it comes to the audition process, and Debby has years of experience as a casting director, teacher, coach and instructor.  I value her insight and I’m leaving this class as a better. Thank you for your informative class.  I will spread the word.

Christine Gardner/July 2014 Audition Workshop

The intensive audition class covered all bases of the audition process as well as valuable information about resumes and headshots.  I recommend this class for actors not only starting their career, but actors who are transitioning from theater to film.

Michael Galligan/July 2014 Audition Workshop
I enjoyed the auditioning class. At first, it showed me how nervous I was in front of the camera.  Debby coached me into a moderate friendship with the camera and also she gave us some great tips about the do’s and don’ts of auditioning.  Time well spent!!!

Sami DeSocio/July 2014 Audition Workshop
The class was very informative and dispelled a lot of audition myths.  The class was wonderful!  Thank you for the opportunity!!

Anna Oleinik/Voice Over Workshop August 2014

The voice over class was informative, interesting and fun.  Want to continue on to next program Voice Over 2.  It was very knowledgeable and effective.  I enjoyed this introductory class.

Michael Galligan/ Voice Over Workshop August 2014
I really enjoyed the class. Apart from a lot of good information, the energy was fun and relaxed great for learning.

Elizabeth Berberich/ Voice Over Workshop August 2014
I really enjoyed this class and hope to do more.


Eddie Puello/Monday Adult Acting Class/December 2014 

Not only is Cinematique a great acting school but they helped me land my first commercial! This school is a must for any aspiring or even professional

actor wishing to hone their craft. Thanks to my teacher Debby's thorough teachings, I now feel more confident when I perform a scene or go out on an

audition. This school is the real deal for any actor looking to take their career to the next step!

I Want You To Hit Me As Hard As You Can - Basic Fight Choreography For Film

Pamela Rivers/ Basic Fight Choreography For Film/January 2015

Excellent Workshop! Great Information,  Demonstration, and Instructors!

Joey Ristaino/Basic Fight Choreography For Film/January 2015

Excellent! Watching the results filmed of the lessons learned very helpful.

Audition Workshop April/May 2015
My favorite part of the Audition Workshop was practicing the scenes.  Excellent workshop!     

Brody Grennan/Audition Workshop April/May 2015

My favorite part of the workshop was learning things about casting companies and having outside guests give us tips on auditions and headshots.      Mikayla Long/Audition Workshop April/May 2015

My favorite part helped with resume format.  Excellent workshop!     

Donn Shearer/Audition Workshop April/May 2015

My favorite part was having the casting agent give us pointers.  The photographer and makeup artist come to the workshop. Excellent Workshop!     

Bella Hartman/Audition Workshop April/May 2015







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