Our refund policy is designed to discourage last minute cancellations. Requests for refund of program fee must be made by the end of the first week. An amount for any classes attended and a $50.00 administration fee will be subtracted from the total. NO TUITION REFUNDS WILL BE MADE AFTER THIS TIME. During the session, there is no refund for student illness, missed days, vacation, or withdrawal. If our instructor cancels class or inclement weather conditions occur then Cinematique will offer a makeup date.

Payment Policy:

• Payment is due in full on or before the first class session.

• The Late fee is $10.00 per week if you are late with the payment.

• All sales are final and nontransferable.

• There are no exchanges or refunds for missed class sessions. Please refer to the “Refund Policy”.

• Returned checks will incur a $35 canceled check fee.

• You will be held financially accountable for your commitment once you are confirmed.

Auditing Class Policy

Cinematique allows auditing. You only have to contact us to set up a time to audit. Depending on the work being done in class sometimes auditing is not allowed in a particular class.

Tardiness Policy

Late arrival and early departure from class is not encouraged. It is your responsibility to arrive on time and plan to stay throughout the duration of the class. Leaving class without notifying your instructor can be very disruptive for your fellow students. However, we recognize the nature of the business of acting. If you need to arrive late or leave early, please make arrangements with your instructor ahead of the class.

Food Policy

Eating, snacking, drinking, in class is not allowed. The exception to this is water. Please consume before, after or during the breaks outside of the studio. We also ask that attention is paid to placing any and all garbage in the correct receptacles

Cell Phones/Electronics Policy

Ah, the age of technology! All cellular phones must be put on silent upon arrival to class. We encourage everyone to get in the habit of turning off all electronic devices upon your entrance into the studio. We all know how disruptive it is to the creative process to have phones ringing through class work. Due to the personal nature of our class work, we have a “no-recording” policy unless approved by participants/students.

Smoking Policy

NO SMOKING is allowed in class. .